Monday, April 2, 2012

Weather Update for the Week From Planalytics

From Agri Business Weather Brief at 

An end to record breaking temperatures this week as a more progressive temperature pattern evolves. First, a slow
moving upper low pressure will move into the Plains early in the week and gradually push eastward. A second low pressure moves out into the Plains on Easter Weekend. Look for a slight warming trend ahead of each of these two systems. Timing favors the East with a warming trend for eastern portions of Canada and the Northeast U.S. for the Holiday weekend.

There will be two cooling trends for the central portions of the U.S. and Canada. The first occurs on Tuesday into Wednesday. The second begins on Easter Sunday. Temperatures will warm in these areas between systems. Both of these cool downs will be accompanied by freeze-frost scenarios for the western portions of the Dakotas to southwest KS, including eastern CO and western NE.

For WA, OR, NV, and CA look for a warming trend by the weekend. Meanwhile, slight cooling occurs over the Southeast for the weekend, but temperatures will be at or slightly above normal.

A slow moving upper low pressure system will spawn a series of surface lows this week that will result in moderate to heavy rain being focused on the eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley. One of the northern lows will trigger moderate to heavy rain as well as a swath of moderate to heavy snow for portions of MT, ND, and the eastern Canadian Prairies.

Some light to moderate rain will occur across the Deep South and southern New England later in the week, but mainly as debris. Rain and mountain snow shifts north of CA by late week and drier conditions even make it to the Pac Northwest for the weekend.

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