Monday, June 6, 2011

Colorado Wheat Update

The wet, cool weather most of the eastern part of the state experienced the past week or more was very conducive to stripe rust development. Yet, I still have not had any confirmation of stripe rust in the state. However, Dr. Bob Harveson, U. Nebraska reported stripe rust in an irrigated wheat field from western Scotts Bluff Co (south of Morrill). Therefore, it is entirely possible there are ‘hot spots’ of rust out there. If you have seen stripe rust, please email me with some images or send me some samples. The weather outlook for the next week isn’t that favorable for stripe rust development so I am hoping we are in the clear. Remember if you decide to make a fungicide application (which I am not advocating), make sure you follow the label concerning plant harvest intervals.

We have received a smattering of virus disease samples. Barley yellow dwarf is fairly common with some wheat streak mosaic. But we certainly don’t have the virus problems of some previous years.

Ned Tisserat

Extension Specialist and Professor

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