Thursday, March 25, 2010

CSFS Talking Points on ODC

Here in the clinic, we've received several phone calls regarding the effectiveness of a product on the market called Organic Disease Control or ODC. The product is a colloidal chitosan which states that it will increase resin production in trees to help reduce attacks by Mountain Pine Beetle. Sky Stephens, Colorado State Forest Service Entomologist, has provided talking points regarding this product. To date, no testing has been done to determine the impacts of Agrihouse ODC on mountain pine beetle in lodgepole or ponderosa pine. One point from the information provided is that until specific testing is done to determine the impacts of ODC on mountain pine beetle, CSFS encourages landowners to use well-tested products with a proven track record to protect important pine trees on their land.

CSFS Talking Points Regarding ODC (pdf)

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