Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi! Welcome to the newly created CSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic blog. In an attempt to use more of the available technology to increase our visibility and to keep folks informed about old and new plant problems, we have created a blog. Our hope is that we will be able to post about once a week or so on diseases/insects that we are seeing in the clinic as well as new information that may be of use to our clients.

This time of year is generally considered our slow time so we are slowly catching up on data entry and getting ready for our winter fungicide trials. Again this year we will be actively seeking participants for our winter wheat virus survey. Growers, extension agents, and crop consultants are encouraged to send symptomatic plant material to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic for free virus screening. The viruses we are screening for are WSMV, CYDV, BYDV-pav, WMV (formerly HPV) and TriMV. If you have a request for any other virus testing be sure to let us know and we can probably accommodate that request. As always, we appreciate any information that you can send us with the samples (location, variety, name of submitter, etc.). The data from the 2008 growing season was compiled by Mary Burrows at Montana State University and published in Plant Health Progress. Mary is again compiling the data for the 2009 growing season and will be publishing the results soon. Your help in providing samples for testing is appreciated.

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